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Garment Care

Sublimated Items

  • First Wash: Always Wash separately to remove any surface dye
  • Avoid leaving kits folded and bundled when damp or soiled
  • Remove excess mud and wash as soon as possible after use
  • Garments may stain from substances such as mud, grass, petroleum jelly, which may not be removed from washing alone, this is not only sublimated items
  • Treat stains directly with stain remover as soon as possible.
  • Do not use stain remover on transfers
  • Tough stains may require more than one treatment
  • Do not overload the washing machine, and always separate light and dark colours.
  • Do not wash above the tempretare staled on then the garment label 30 degrees
  • Do not use fabric conditioner
  • IF the garment can be tumble dried (see label) Always table dry cool
  • Never iron transfers


Dirt should be weed off with a damp cloth, regular washing will remove the shower proofing, if required do not wash over 30 degrees on a synthetic wash.

  • Do not use fabric conditioner
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron