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Benefits of Grip Socks

Over the years sports clothing have had a real push when it comes to innovation with no exception to socks. Performance socks are on the rise within professional sports teams and include the likes of Raheem Sterling and Gareth Bale wearing them. Gripped socks are now seen as a cutting edge piece of kit and have a wealth of benefits, including improved grip, better traction and increased comfort. These socks won’t magically turn you into Messi, but they will certainly give it a good go! 

Although performance socks have been in the spotlight because of football, they can also be advantageous in other sports, such as trampolining, gymnastics and pilates. As these sports mainly take place indoors and on mats, they can allow you to move across the floor without slipping and prevents injury. These socks also come in handy for hygiene purposes - you’ll be pleased to hear there’s no more excuses for bare feet on equipment. Wearing grip socks with wicking properties can also save you from those embarrassing moments like leaving sweat marks on mats! What's not to love?

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Grip socks act like glue between your shoe and your foot, meaning you’re less likely to be slipping all over the place. Using inner and outer grips, performance socks diminish slipping inside of the shoe. Not only do they prevent slipping, grip socks also give you more control and accuracy, which in turn increases performance. 

Whether you’re playing football, hockey, trampolining or even doing yoga preventing injury is detrimental to your health and performance. Performance socks can stop you slipping and protects your feet and ankles from injuries, such as sprains and tears. If you have ankles that are prone to injury, grip socks also provide extra protection to that area and can give you defence for all angles of your foot. 

We all know the throbbing discomfort when you get a blister and it’s an absolute nightmare! Wearing grip socks provide more comfort and adds more cushion to your foot, meaning that blisters are far less likely and you’ll be able to cope with strenuous activity for longer. Say goodbye to pain during your game! 

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