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Best Basketball Jerseys of All Time

The NBA is renowned for not only the exceptional talent within it, but also the countless jerseys that have sprung up over the years. When remembering some of the most memorable moments in basketball history, it’s not only the player you remember, but it’s also what they were wearing. Basketball jerseys are now seen as a way to allow fans who may be total strangers to connect and that’s one of the many beauties about them.Over the years, there have been some simple yet effective shirts and some downright crazy ones, so we decided to compile a list of our favourites. 

Philadelphia 76’ers (1978-1991)

The Philly's like to keep their designs fairly simplistic, however we’re not complaining when they look this good. During these years, the Philadelphia 76ers were at their peak of performance and they played the most games in this jersey than any other - 1,066 to be precise. Good luck charm, right?


Denver Nuggets (1982 - 1993) 

The Nuggets dared to break the mold and opted for a striking colour scheme of primary colours. Colorado’s mountains make an appearance at nearly every angle from the city, so of course they’re bound to be featured on the jersey. The mountains can be seen over the bold stripes and subtly show Denver’s skyline, which appropriately honors their city.


Toronto Raptors (1995-1999)

When you think of the Raptor’s this shirt is bound to spring to your mind. It’s bold colours and cartoon design definitely make it one of the most memorable out there. This jersey has basketball fans split, you either love it or hate it. We certainly love it due to its unique and daring design. 


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Orlando Magic (1994-1998)

The 90’s was a remarkable time for basketball jerseys and Orlando Magic definitely contributed to making this era so iconic. Shaquille O’Neal and Penny Hardaway brought worldwide recognition to the pinstripe jersey and has since been dubbed as one of the best NBA shirts of all time.


Miami Heat - Vice (2017- present)

Miami Heat launched their Vice collection and the jerseys have been some of the best in the game. From the colours to the font, this collection shows Miami’s culture is running through the team’s veins. Miami is scrawled across the chest and pays homage to their old stadium with the font being identical. The kit is clean and composed, yet also shows the grit and swagger that represents the city.


Chicago Bulls - Road Red (1985 - present)

Thanks to Michael Jordan, the Chicago Bulls jersey is a cult classic. When the team was in their prime with the likes of Jordan and Pippen playing for the Bulls, you instantly think of this bold jersey. The Bulls helped put the NBA on the map and the jersey came along with their sterling reputation. Ever since they’ve done a great job of staying with the traditional red and white jersey with Bulls stamped across the front, and it’s a good job because it truly can’t be beaten.


LA Lakers - Showtime Gold (1978 - 1999) 

The most iconic of all the basketball jerseys. People from all around the world know this symbolic jersey whether they are into basketball or not. The Showtime jersey has to be number one, not only because of its stunning style, but it also represents when the Lakers were on their A game and won five NBA seasons in the 1980’s.

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