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Best Rugby Jerseys of All Time

Rugby shirts have really come a long way throughout the years. Previously, no thought went behind the design or technical features of the shirts, however they have come on leaps and bounds in the past couple of decades. From World Cup teams to rugby union jerseys there are some beautiful jerseys out there and we’ve selected a few that have really caught our eye.

Stade Francais 2011/12 

Sometimes Stade Francais have been known to take their kits a little bit too far, however this one is the right amount of eccentric mixed with subtle class. The navy blue and electrifying pink work beautifully together and allows the striking lightning to certainly pack a punch.


New Zealand All Blacks 2014 

As the name suggests the All Blacks could never shy away from their classic kit colour of deep black and white. The simple monochrome colours are simple yet so effective, maybe it’s because they produced the ‘blackest’ black for this kit. Embossed patterns run throughout throughout the jersey, but are barely noticeable - minimalism at its finest!


Fiji 2019

The Fijians jersey has a minimalistic torso, which in itself is striking. Although, what makes us fall in love with this shirt is the prominent Fijian art, which is on the collar, sleeves and even creeps down the obliques. This jersey showcases their brand new logo, which adds the words ‘Flying Fijians’ and a palm tree which pays homage to their tropical home island.


Australia 2020

The Wallabies have revealed new shirts for the 20/21 rugby season and have followed the trend of showing their bold history and celebrating their culture. The vibrant colours of emerald green and mustard work brilliantly together and makes the stunning native artwork stand out perfectly. It’s clear the Australians are proud of their Aborignial and Indigenous heritage and rightly so!


Argentina 2015

Argentina’s kit is always simply stunning. Their colour palette of sky blue and cloud white work perfectly with their classic striped pattern, it would be criminal to tear the two from each other. The design is effortlessly clean and crisp and will always be one of our favourites.


Japan 2019

The Brave Blossoms showcased a radical change to their jersey and they definitely made a great choice. Again, Japan has really incorporated their heritage and culture by having a Samurai inspired kit and can be seen in the details of the shirt. The previous shirts have always opted for rounded red and white hoops, but this fresh and new design has transformed these  into sharper and more square shapes. The thought behind this meticulous pattern is stunning, just like it’s design. The hoops are highlighted with a metallic gold, which symbolises the sun cresting over one of Japan’s most famous landmarks, Mount Fuji.


England 2015

The classic all-white kit is a firm favourite amongst rugby fans and it’s clear to see why. It’s traditional design is minimal yet it still boasts England’s character. The team’s kit features the colours of the simple flag and their kit perfectly reflects that by using a fresh white alongside blood red details.


South Africa 2018

This jersey takes the top prize when it comes to commemorating their history and recognising monumental events. What better way to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday than creating a bold and beautiful jersey? The detailed patterns have been inspired from Mandela’s ‘Madiba’ shirts and the shirts are  such a beautiful tribute.

If you’ve taken inspiration from some of our favourites, why not try a new kit design? We have talented designers on hand to help you design a dreamy kit, no matter how outrageous it is! 

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