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Difference Between Set-In & Raglan Sleeves 

You may not have particularly paid close attention to sleeve types before, but knowing the difference between the raglan and set-in sleeves can really have an impact on your kit. Having trouble deciding which shirt style to go for? We’ve put together a quick guide to help you choose. 

Set-In Sleeve

The set-in sleeve is where the seam is at the shoulder and continues around the arm and shoulder, you may see this more on items such as polos or jackets. This design can look slightly more formal and tailored than a raglan sleeve, but still doesn’t compromise on comfort. Due to the fitted design of these shirts, they can often give the illusion that you look slimmer. What’s not to love? 

Raglan Sleeve

The raglan design has more freedom than a set-in sleeve shirt due to the sleeve being joined diagonally from the collar rather than the shoulder, it gives you less restrictions when moving your arm, which is ideal when playing certain sports. The design follows the natural shape of your body, meaning that it's easy to slide on and off over the shoulders. 

If you’re still struggling to tell the difference between shirts you may recognise the raglan shirt from baseball. The shirt often has a different colour on the sleeve in baseball, which means you can easily pinpoint the raglan design in all its glory! 

The raglan cut has an interesting history behind it. Field Marshal Fitzroy James Henry Somerset participated in the Battle of Waterloo and subsequently lost his arm. After losing his arm he needed extra room in his clothing so he was able to wield his sword and shield, leading to the creation of the raglan shirt! 

Here at OLIK, we create both raglan and set-in sleeves leaving the choice completely up to you and your preferences. Interested in purchasing? Why not enquire today?

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