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How To Get Votes For Our Competition

So you may have heard about our fantastic competition which gives you a chance to win a custom shirt or cycle jersey. These shirts can be used for any club or your choice, it doesn’t matter whether it's a sports team, part of a university society or even gaming!

Have you always dreamed of having the perfect shirt designed exactly how you want it? Well now’s your chance! Our designers can help you create your shirt, we can do any colour, any size and any design, no matter how whacky it may be!

To enter our competition, here are the following steps:

1. Design your kit! (Use the template provided!) Don’t worry if you can’t draw. A rough design is fine and we can do the rest!  

2. Upload your design

3. Get as many votes as you can! 

You may be wondering how to get votes - well the answer is simply really! For starters, you can share amongst your family, friends and teammates on your group chat and ask them to vote (which of course they will!). Tell them to share to their friends, family and colleagues - the more people the better! Another method of getting votes is to share to social media. Get your followers involved - share on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to really maximise your reach and gain more votes! 

For more information please see:

The team with the most vote wins! Good luck, we can’t wait to design your shirts.

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