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How To Improve Your Cricket Skills

As soon as spring starts to approach, you know that the long awaited cricket season is finally due. The summer sport uses a multitude of skills, so now is the time to get practising to really hone in on your game. We’ve compiled a few tips and tricks for those who may just be starting out or to those who are looking to make specific changes to their performance in the game. 


Being a great batter is essential in the game of cricket, as that is how you can accumulate your points. To really make the most of your existing skills, you must focus on your accuracy and power. 

  • Choose your stance wisely. An open stance is generic, but allows you to have the freedom to play your shot in every direction. 
  • Hold your cricket bat correctly. You can easily be out on the first ball if you’re not using the proper grip. 
  • Keep your eye on the ball. Focus plays a vital role in securing a proper shot. Fast and powerful bowlers can easily injure you if you’re not focusing on the ball. 
  • Observe the bowler. Study the bowlers every move, including run up, placement and release change. You may be able to see what type of shot they’re going to deliver. 
  • Follow through with your shot to get more distance on your shot. Twist your hips and  open up your chest in the direction of the swing, whilst driving the bat upwards.


There is often significant pressure on the bowler to perform. Without consistency from the bowler, the game could soon be over. 

  • Keep a firm grip of the ball, but don’t squeeze it too tightly. Keeping a good grip can improve both accuracy and power. 
  • Ensure your run up is fast and powerful to ensure greater speed. Take time to experiment with your run ups to see which one works in your favour. Play around with the speed, length and angles. 
  • Push the power from your wrist.  
  • Confuse the batsman with different aims.

Being Comfortable Is Essential

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Practise makes perfect, so keep at it! Use your teammates to your advantage and take hints and tips from them to improve your game. Finally and most importantly, have fun!

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