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Netball Tips for Beginners

Netball may remind some of school P.E. lessons, but it’s also a fantastic way to shred some calories in a friendly yet competitive environment. There are plenty of leagues around in the UK, so don’t worry about not being a pro, there’s definitely one for you out there! 


Being kitted out correctly is essential to ensure you’re going to be playing to your full potential. Make sure your shoes have plenty of grip and are nice and tight, so you don’t fall and injure yourself. 

Wearing comfortable socks is also a must. It may sound ridiculous, but as netball is a physically demanding sport, it’s important to protect your feet from rubbing and getting painful blisters. 

Most netball teams will have a specific sports kit. Teamwear not only helps players feel unified and connected to one another, but it also gives you the recognition you deserve! Having breathable and lightweight clothing is detrimental to giving it your all, nobody wants to be uncomfortable and overheating during a match! Want you and your fellow teammates to stand out from the crowd and look the part? Get in touch for more information on bespoke netball kits. 

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Warm Up 

  • Stretching is crucial to make sure you don’t injure yourself when playing sports. Not only does it stop you from hurting yourself, it can also improve flexibility and your range of motion, which will help you become a better player!
  • Warming up comes hand in hand with stretching as it’s also key to improving performance and decreasing the risk of injury. 
  • Try jogging on the spot and doing star jumps to increase your heart rate. 
  • Do some quick shuttle runs with quick changes in direction to get you prepared to play. 


  • Practicing with yourself may sound strange when netball is a team sport, but it’s a really great way to hone in on your skills when nobody is around. 
  • If you have a net at home, brilliant! If not plenty of local parks have basketball hoops, which can be used to improve your shooting accuracy. 
  • Regularly exercising will help you improve your stamina on the court. Whether that be attending the gym, running or simply practising the sport you love, netball! 
  • Use chalk to mark out a spot on a wall and practise different methods of shooting whilst mixing up the distance and speed. When you've mastered being precise with your dominant hand, why not try to use your other hand to make it stronger?
  • If you are lucky enough to have buddies to practise with then that’s great too! Practising passes and shots outside of playing competitively will definitely improve your technique.


Netball is a great way to exercise to keep to body and mind stimulated whilst also having fun! As netball is a team sport,  it's a fantastic way to socialise, meet new people and be a part of a team. Being part of a team will give you a sense of pride and you’ll be able to form strong relationships with those you play with, so what’s stopping you?

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