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New Year, New You?

New year, new you? We’ve all heard that one before! We all know the struggles of keeping up with our new year resolutions and many people give up after a mere month. However, simply tweaking some of your routine can help you stick with it. We’ve compiled some handy tips and tricks to increase your chances of success that will hopefully keep you on track. 

Be Realistic 

Ensuring your goal is realistic is essential for success. You’re setting yourself up for disappointment and failure if your targets are unattainable. For example, if you’re a novice runner and you set yourself a challenge to run a marathon within a month. It’s not only unrealistic, but it’s also dangerous to your health and could result in serious injury. If something like this is your end goal, then great! But take it easy.

Create A Plan

Creating structure can certainly help you stick to your new routine, as you can set aside time to exercise and easily diminishes the good old excuse of “I don’t have time”. You don’t have to go crazy and commit to seven days a week. Try starting with three days a week - that’s more than enough! If you’re not used to exercising regularly, don’t overdo it. Rest is just as important. 

Join a Club 

Joining a club is a great way to hold yourself accountable when it comes to exercising. Not only will you be reaching towards your fitness goals, but you can have fun and meet new people along the way too! You and your fellow members will all have similar goals, which can provide you with further support and motivation! Being in a club also makes you feel a part of a wider community and before you know it, you’ll be wearing your team’s kit with pride! 

New Year, New Kit?

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Track Your Progress

Tracking your progress is a fantastic way of seeing how far you’ve come, which can keep you striving for more. Set yourself small goals, as they are easier to achieve and when you hit these it will increase your motivation. Why not keep a diary and record your personal bests? At the end of the year, you can then reflect on how far you’ve come!

Stick To It

Research suggests it takes 21 days to form a habit and soon after that it will become second nature, so if you feel like giving up within the first couple of weeks, keep at it and you’ll soon feel and see the benefits! If you’re joining a new sports team, you’ll be more inclined to stick with it due to the social aspects and new found responsibility. 

Have Fun

Whether you choose to join a new football team or opt for solo running, the main thing is that you’re having fun and enjoying it! Why not get a customised kit to get yourself off to a flying start of 2021?

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