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Reasons to Run for Charity

Whether you’re just starting running or you’re a seasoned marathon runner, charity runs are a great way to push yourself, but also raise money for some great causes. There are so many charity runs you can compete in out there, so it won’t be hard to find and enter one.

Your Running Can Make An Impact 

Running and raising money for a cause close to your heart is a great combination. You could be raising money for illnesses that affect thousands of people and assisting the fight to help create cures, funding a helpline that struggling people may rely on, a fun activity for a sick child, animals who need vital help protecting their natural habitats, giving access to food and water for those who need it most - the list goes on! If you sign up to a charity run, you’ll be not only challenging yourself, but also contributing to changing people's lives. 

Running For A Charity Gives You A Purpose

Running for a charity is not like any other run, you’ll have increased motivation knowing you are doing it for the greater good. It makes getting out of bed on those cold and dark mornings that little bit easier, as you’ll have your end goal in mind. When running for a charity you won’t want to let them down, so it’ll provide you with some additional motivation to stick to your training plan and compete. 

Raise Awareness of The Charity 

Raising awareness for your charity of choice can be just as important as raising the funds, particularly if it’s for a niche charity or maybe an illness that is quite rare. You can gain traction from your charity t-shirts, which will display your cause on and may get onlookers to research the charity, get new supporters and fundraisers. It doesn’t stop there! After the event if you continue wearing your custom t-shirt, you’ll still be advertising and informing people about your charity.  It can be truly amazing how one person’s t-shirt can lead to so many positive effects!

Improve Your Physical Health 

If you’re looking to shift a few extra pounds, increase your fitness levels or are wanting to tone up for summer, running is the perfect cardio activity for you. Running is great for losing or maintaining weight, whilst also making you physically stronger and fitter. 

Improve Your Mental Health

Running has been proven time and time again that it’s not only beneficial for keeping you fit, active and healthy, but it also works wonders for your mind. Getting outdoors and running can allow you to take in lovely views and breath in the fresh air, give you a sense of pride and provide your body a boost of endorphins. If you’re feeling stressed, it’s a fantastic way to get out there and clear your head, so you can feel fresh and reset when you arrive home. 

Tick Something off Your Bucket List 

Always dreamed of getting off your couch and starting to run or compete in the London Marathon. Well, now’s your chance! Running for a great cause can give you that extra push that you’ve always needed to motivate you to get moving. You’ll be able to tick something off of your bucket list and also have achieved great things! 

Ready For Your Run?

We can help you feel and look the part! We offer custom sublimated t-shirts that can be personalized however you like. Bespoke charity t-shirts are not only a great way to be recognised by spectators, you can also keep it as an item to remember your great achievement! You could wear it when training for your next charity run or show it off by getting it framed and popping it on your wall!

Fancy pushing yourself for a good cause?

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