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Running Tips

Everyone knows that running is one of the superior forms of cardio. However, it also has many other endless benefits. Many of the other advantages can often be overlooked, so it’s important to bear in mind it’s not only fantastic for fitness but can also improve your mental state of mind, make you explore new places and is also a great way to socialise with friends whilst keeping fit. 


  • Wear something comfortable! Breathable and lightweight clothing is crucial to keep comfortable and cool whilst running. Try wearing polyester clothing to make sure you can have a pleasant and enjoyable jog. Polyester has many benefits, including keeping the sweat away, keeping you cool and protecting you from UV rays during the summer months yet also insulates the heat and keeps you at a nice temperature in winter. 
  • Joining a running club is a great way to make friends and learn from more experienced runners. Meeting with like-minded people also may help to spur you on and can hold you accountable just in case you’re prone to saying ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ - When you’re part of a club you can feel more  motivated as you’re also seeing friendly faces! If you want to look the part whilst running with your club, why not get in touch for custom teamwear?
  • Setting achievable goals can help you improve your running techniques and increase motivation. Using the SMART acronym is a good way to remember the criteria when choosing goals.  If you’re just starting out why not try Couch to 5K to assist you achieving your first goals. 


  • Thick layers are an absolute no-no when running. If you wear thick clothing items, such as a clunky coat, you’ll be at risk of overheating and sweating profusely, which can lead to catching a chill when they are taken off. Although you may feel warm and comfortable in your cotton sweatpants, they’re not the best bet for running. So it’s best to stick to chilling on the sofa in them! 
  • Don’t forget to stretch! The importance of stretching is often forgotten, especially when new to running. It’s extremely common to be sore after going for a run, therefore ensuring you stretch before and after a run is crucial. Stretching before a run can help warm up the muscles and get you ready to embark on your run without causing injury. Post-run stretching helps decrease the heart rate, prevent soreness and help improve flexibility. 


Good luck and happy running! 

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