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Top 10 Best Football Kits of All Time

In this day and age football matches aren’t just about the match and the crowds, but excitement also arouses from the kits that are being showcased. Previously designers used the same template and only changed the colours depending on what club it was. Now they tap into the team’s heritage and background, use exuberant colours and keep in line with current fashion trends. There’s plenty to choose from, but we’ve managed to put a list together of some of our favourite shirts.

10. Tottenham Hotspur Third - 19/20

Tottenham decided to opt for a 90’s retro shirt (as are many clubs) and we’re here for it. The shirt features yet another nod to it’s past, a classic button down collar. Harry Kane, Tottenham Hotspurs and England forward says “Everyone will see the retro influence; it’s a tribute to the jersey culture of the 90s. When you see the light blue, you think of those players that paved the way.” Looks like we’re not the only ones raving about this shirt.


9. Arsenal Away - 20/21 

Arsenal’s away kit has divided football fans with the kit appearing to be like Marmite (love it or you hate it!), however, here at OLIK we happen to be a lover. They’ve moved away from their traditional crimson red and have gone for a marble effect which pays homage to the famed marble halls at their old home at Highbury. 


8. England Women - 19/20

For the first time in history, the Lionesses have their first kit that isn’t a replica of the men’s team. They have opted for a white and deep burgundy, which is an elegant twist on the classic bright red and white - a new and exciting step for the women!


7. Newcastle United - 95/97

This shirt just screams Newcastle with Newcastle Brown Ale as the sponsor, which showcases the beers famous blue star and silhouette of Tyne Bridge. The shirt itself consists of black and white stripes - simple yet effective. It’s such an effortlessly cool shirt that shows off what the city has to offer in full force and just to top it off, it has a grandad collar! Trendy, right?


6. Barcelona Away - 20/21

Barcelona has shied away from a black kit in recent years, with their last one being in 2013/14. However, we’re glad it’s made a comeback. This kit is clean and minimal, yet still is so appealing on the eye. It has a warming message that accompanies it, which makes us love it even more. The club were keen to address that “Barcelona fans are Blaugrana, no matter what is on the outside”.


5. Mexico - 1998

Obviously this kit had to predominantly be emerald green to match the country’s flag. Not only is this kit bold and adventurous, it also integrates Mexico’s history perfectly. The design displays an aztec calendar and Quetzalcoatl as the main features and is certainly one of the most daring shirts in football history. So it’s only right it gets a spot on our top 10 best football kits, right?


4. Roma Away - 19/20

Roma opted for a striking (quite literally!) design with a bold lightning strike straight across the torso. A truly mesmerising kit, which incorporates their famous colours, their heritage and Roman mythology - nice work Roma!


3. Manchester City Third - 20/21

When you say white and blue paisley out loud, it could potentially remind you of your grandma’s carpet pattern. However, this shirt from Manchester City is surprisingly nice. The club’s niche design has been inspired from the city’s arts, landscape, architecture and music. We’re sure Liam and Noel Gallagher would be proud of this one.


2. Huddersfield Town FC - 91/92

It would be rude not to include OLIK’s hometown team Huddersfield Town FC! During the 91/92 season HTFC dared to be different and opted for a bold soundwave pattern in red and black. This kit was so good that the club did a modern remake of the shirt in 2017/18. It went down well in the football community, however in our eyes nothing can beat the original!


1. West Germany - 1990

Germany has a sterling reputation in regards to producing some of the best football kits in the world, however taking the top spot has to be their 1990 design. Up until the 1980’s there wasn’t such an importance on the aesthetics of the team’s kit, however Germany really changed the game when they released this iconic gem. It sports Germany’s unmistakeable colours in a geometric pattern across the chest and there’s even speculation it mimics their previous World Cup results - lucky for them they not only had the best kit in the World Cup that year, but they were evidently the top team too!

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