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What Is Sublimated Printing?

You may or may not have heard of sublimation printing before, but in simple terms it’s a high-tech method of printing that allows your design to be transferred on to any item of clothing you want with clean and crisp results. 

The Advantages of Sublimated Printing

The benefits of this method of printing are endless. Firstly, you can create whatever design you want (the fun part!). Yes, that means anything you like, whether it be simple yet effective or a crazy design with yellow polka dots all over it! Sublimation allows you to go fully seam to seam, so the design can truly go anywhere you want it on the material. 

Another benefit of sublimated printing is that unlike most methods of printing sublimation gives a stunning and bold finish that won’t crack, peel or fade over time, giving your clothes a longer life span no matter how many times you put it in the washing machine!

Time To Get Technical

Sublimated printing combines the item of clothing and ink together essentially. Once the design is complete, it is then printed on to special paper. The inks are then turned into gas without letting them turn into a liquid and then are merged together to permanently print onto the fabric. The use of the heat press allows the pores of the material to open and the gas is turned back into a solid allowing the ink to be fully intertwined within the fabrics of the item of clothing. 

Here at OLIK, we enjoy helping you think of bold and courageous patterns and prints, so don’t be shy when it comes to ideas! We can create custom teamwear for you with any colours, pattern or design you fancy. For more information, view our product ranges or get in touch.

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