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What To Wear Running

Running is a great way to keep your body and mind active. However, you may not be sure where to begin when it comes to running apparel. Most people start with a sturdy pair of trainers when it comes to running. However, many forget to consider their clothes! 

Making sure your whole body is prepared efficiently is essential for the optimum run! So we’ve put together a handy guide to assist you prepping yourself!  Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned marathon runner, we’re here to help you figure out exactly what clothing is suitable for your needs. 

What to Wear When Running?

It can be a tricky decision to choose what to wear when stepping out for a run, especially with the UK’s classic weather! However, there are three styles of tops to pick from! 

Running Vests 

Running vests are perfect for warmer days as it allows more flexibility and movement for the arms and allows fresh air to hit those clammier underarm areas. Many runners feel they are faster with less clothing, particularly when it comes to racing. If you’re wanting to reach your potential maximum speed, vests are the one for you! Sometimes less is more!

Running Short Sleeve T- Shirt 

When the weather isn’t quite as pleasant and it’s slightly more chilly a short sleeve t-shirt is the perfect option. It will keep you warmer than a vest, but is still breathable and will keep areas dry to prevent chafing. The perfect all-rounder.

Running Long Sleeve T-Shirt 

When choosing a long sleeved t-shirt, you’re spoilt for choice! They can come in the form of a long sleeved base layer, a pullover or a running jacket. All are perfectly suitable for training when the temperature has dropped outside and are brilliant for layering with other garments. 


There’s quite the debate as to whether running shorts or tights are better, but both have their firm advantages. 

In cold weather tights are a solid favourite and it’s easy to see why. Leggings can act as a barrier and protect your skin whatever the weather, yet are still easy to move in. Tights also may be better suited to those who go the extra mile due to the compression which can alleviate pain in the calves after a particularly hard run. 

Shorts provide the ultimate freedom of your legs and are super lightweight. Not to mention you’ll also feel faster as less material will be in your way and will seem as though you’re cutting through the air with less resistance!


We all know the importance of running trainers? Well, what about socks? Socks are vital to ensure maximum comfort when running, especially over rocky terrain or for those long hauls. Running can put great strain on your feet, so they need to be protected as best as they can be. Running socks can help stabilize your feet further and really give you some extra grip. Keep your eye out for those that are seamless, thick and compress the feet!

What Material Is Best For Running?

Lightwear and breathable clothing is essential to keep comfortable and cool whilst running. Polyester is the perfect fabric to ensure an enjoyable jog, as it’s durable making it the perfect material for all weathers. 

During the blistering summer months polyester clothing won’t fail to keep you cool and collected, as it repels those harmful UV rays. Due to its wicking material it keeps your body sweat free as it draws those pesky beads away from you and allows it to evaporate easily into the air.  

Polyester is not only great in those warmer months, but it’s also a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. As polyester is quick drying and has moisture management properties it's great for keeping you toasty, even when it’s pouring it down! 

So, no more excuses, we’ve got you covered (literally)! Why not take a look at our running range and have your own custom printed running attire to perform your best whilst standing out from the crowd?

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