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What To Wear Cycling

Cycling is a fantastic form of cardio and helps the body and mind keep active. Although, not everyone cycles for the health benefits, as it is also known to be a greener way to travel and is much faster than walking. Thousands of people cycle on a daily basis with various levels of experience - whether they are cycling to work, part of a recreational cycling club or training for Tour De Yorkshire it’s important to be wearing suitable clothing.

Cycling Jersey 

You’re bound to work up a sweat when cycling, which is why wearing the correct clothing is imperative for novice and experienced cyclists alike.  If you have ever tried doing a big climb in cotton, you’ll already know you won’t be doing it again. Sweat instantly soaks your top, which in turn makes you cold from the moisture. A bike jersey offers features that you won’t find in ordinary cotton t-shirts. Cycling jerseys are made of wicking properties that help keep you cool and take away the sweat from your body. If you happen to still be warm, they often have a zip down the front, which additionally helps regulate temperature with ease. 


Depending on the weather you may need a jacket, particularly in the winter months when rain is more likely. For dreary weather conditions opt for a lightweight and breathable jacket, as you’ll more than likely work up a sweat when riding. Not only will a jacket protect you from the rain, it will also act as a barrier against wind too.


Now you’ll probably have seen many cyclists wear the infamous cycling shorts. Although some may not be pleased with the aesthetics of them, they’re great for cycling as they don’t gather like many other materials and help prevent chafing. The sole purpose for cycling shorts is to provide you with extra comfort. Extra padding is often added to certain areas to reduce the risk of discomfort. Also, they are often made from ultra stretchy materials that will reduce air resistance and allow your legs to move freely. 


A helmet is an absolute must for your safety when cycling. They reduce the severity of head injuries should they occur and diminish the possibility of suffering serious brain damage or even worse, death. 

Cycling Gloves 

Many may overlook gloves as part of a cycling attire, however they have many benefits that you may not have thought of. You’ve probably already guessed the most obvious reason for wearing gloves. Warmth - particularly handy(!) in the depths of winter. As some of you may know, every inch of your body sweats when cycling, including your hands. Gloves help soak up the sweat, keeping your hands dry, which allows you to have a firm grip of the handlebars at all times. Gloves have padded palms, providing additional comfort and protects your hands from vibrations. 

Cycling Shoes 

If you’re a cycling junkie, it’s likely you already own a pair of decent cleated shoes. But, if you haven’t here’s why you should get some. They have stiff soles and can easily be attached to the pedals. Being attached to your bike allows you to push faster, which can be a strong advantage, especially when climbing those tough hills! For those who ride long distances, they can make the rider feel like they are in more control and can feel more of a connection to the bike. 

Here at OLIK, we can make you and your team custom cycling jerseys to ensure you feel and look you best. Why not check out our range and see what we have to offer? 

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